• On Sunday was the only day I was able to do photographs thanks to the hype of the storm that never was + a baby being born into my family that trumps all other creative cards.

    I got to take a picture with Matt Mayer, who I saw in the hallway of Champions and strongly persuaded him to take a picture with me before he coached improv in the same studio in which I worked. He had no idea about the project and I didn’t fully explain it, but he was still a cool sport about it and I love that our community just says YES.  He would like to reccomend the song Kites by Geographer. (

    The next portrait isn’t the most photogenic part of New York, but it is with one of my favorite people, Miss Carolina Rose – so until we take our next one, this one of us in Harlem (145th & Amsterdam) by a graffiti’d Payless Shoe Source & it will have to do.

    You can always see a full slideshow of these at: You & I.

  • I started a project for the new year called THE 52. My goal was to take one portrait that was a view of my artistic vision — but me creating for creating sake (oh what luxury we have).

    Anyway, I am a little bit behind because of the cold, sickness, and vacation but I am excited for what it is shaping up to be — in its essence, its a showcase of truth + beauty.

  • I’ve seen my face a lot today on the internet, but regardless of that I’m still proud of this project. This idea came to me when I was on Facebook trying to see what picture it had picked as our “FRIENDSHIP PHOTO” in the See Friendship tab.

    It saddened me to see that most of the time, the photo it had picked was our profiles picked weirdly side by side. I wanted to change that but its really rare for people to go along with others idea. Thankfully, I have a ton of talented and good looking friends in New York that they have lended me their beauty to be photographed along with it.

    Also through editing these pictures – I began to see the beauty of New York and how it was becoming part of the project as well. Here is my love letter to NYC, one picture at a time.


    This is my cousin-in-law Laura. She is 7 months pregnant and probably one of the cutest mom’s to be. We had an outside baby bump shoot scheduled but it was raining so we improvised and made it an inside shoot. Her sister, my favorite hairdresser, was in charge of hair and wardrobe. My cousin, Remy, did craft services and Laura was my model. 

    I like that she looks so glamazon and also this baby will be the most well-dressed kid of all time. She also has a no social media rule once the baby is born but for now, its in a belly, so all is fair game.

    If y'all know any pregnant ladies, let me know. I’d love to get to know more mom-to-be’s and shoot that belly. xx

  • ellena:

    Tonight at UCB things get just a little bit sexy.

    Paired with the equally sexy MANEATER.

    I took the promotional pictures of Standards & Practices and this is the picture that I labeled Modern American Couple because these guys look so damn hot. I also love everyone in this cast. So damn talented.

  • Hey ya’ll,

    This holiday season, I wanted to offer the option of being able to buy gift certificates of my headshot services before prices went up in 2013! If you have a loved one that this would be a great gift for ask them to see if they are interested! Also, if this is something you’d like for yourself, let your loved ones know!  It would be one heck of a stocking stuffer and an amazingly thoughtful gift.  Thanks for your time. Wishing you the best this season.