• Week 1
    My goal for this year is just to take at least 1 picture a day with intention (and try to use my dslr instead if my phone.) It’s also a way to let people  into my life in a way they might not be able to since I’m not always near them, geographically.

    They will mostly be self-portraits but if I can encapsulate that day with a picture of people or a thing — then I will. I’ve learned so far that it’s better to get the picture during the day – but I want to get to the point where its equal parts planning and spontaneity.

  • I swear I’m going to get better at putting up these sessions right as I shoot them in 2014. But look at all these talented humans that I got to shoot this year? I am beyond lucky, blessed to have been a part of your story – cant wait to see what stories I am a part of next year.

  • I love taking headshots. I find it to be such an awesome challenge, to be able to not only get a good picture but also make you commercially viable – that truly is my ultimate goal. I love hearing their success stories and what they’ve had to do until now, and how persistent and driven they are – I get inspired every time I get into that studio.

    I’m trying to harness that inspiration. I recently streamlined my website. I am trying to declutter the way I can get information out, but also keep it informative & visually pleasing. A work in progress as always but definitely do check it out and tell a friend if they are on the look out for new headshots/portraits, etc.

  • Welcoming Spring.
    Morgan Grace Jarrett. April 2, 2013. New York City.

  • This was my short venture into Williamsburg and Bushwick. For those of you not in NYC, these are neighborhoods in Brooklyn along the L-train.  I was also feeling really adorable & sassy last week, hence all the attitudes in the pictures.  I am thinking of extending this project for beyond the month of March  – because I am having way too much fun. C'est la vie, see ya in April!

  • I posted a lot of pictures today on my business facebook, but these are my b-sides, which sometimes may even eclipse the originals in my heart. Who knows.  I just wanted to humblebrag a little more..I also wanted to show you how I really love my grey sweater. I wear it all the time. I should buy a another sweater.

    Fun Side Note: Yesterday was the first day I ran into someone I know while doing this project.  Phil Jackson pretty much found us while we were looking over the images…and with a simple yes, joined in on the fun. Let’s keep saying yes, ya’ll.

  • These are a some of the lovely people that I got to work with in January. I am inspired by their work ethic and constant need to be creating whether on stage, through books, or on Youtube – or a combination of those mediums. Can’t wait to see what they create next!