Professional Bio

Melissa Gomez is a New York based photographer who has not stopped shooting since her first digital camera at age 16, a 1.3 megapixel Olympus, that took her high school newsmagazine by storm.

Now 10 years later -- her trained eye and signature style have made her one of the top go to photographers known for capturing comedic actors essence and shooting their personal projects into fruition. She loves working with actors and collaborating with them to create the best marketing tool they have at their disposal: their headshot. 

What sets Melissa apart is her ability to make an instant rapport with her clients that give them the ability to trust her fully -- a skill that she honed that after shooting thousands of kids, teens and adults as a Picture Day photographer. She's excited now when she gets to spend 2 hours with her clients.

Melissa specializes in portraits and lifestyle photography.  Melissa's work has been published in The New York Times, and Citadel Press.

Personal Bio:

I am 27 and living in NYC.

I can quote The Breakfast Club, Titanic, and You've Got Mail because those are the only movies I made sure to watch a million times so that they were commited to memory. I have studied and completed both the improv & sketch programs at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre, and a piece of my heart is held there -- that is also where most of my clients come from and I love it. I also love Hillsong NYC and the journey that they have picked to lift peoples heads, bring love, and Jesus into NYC.

Other favorites: babies eating churros, and downloading books from the Queens Library website.

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